195_10127538985_738678985_620061_6078_nAs President of Watkins Global, Peter has represented a wide range of clients in both public and private industries, including international banks, foreign heads of government, multi-lateral institutions, major motion films, and many other private enterprises. Peter’s strategy at WGS has been to offer a personal quality to each client relationship and has been able to seamlessly integrate within fast moving companies in order to provide an executive level of communication services.

Prior to WGS, Peter spent nearly six years working at The White House in a variety of media related offices including as a spokesman for President George Bush, as well as a spokesman for First Lady Laura Bush. Peter was quoted by nearly every major media organization, and played a role in hundreds of high profile media events including the 2004 Presidential Campaign, dozens of major presidential addresses, and media operations both in the East and West Wings of The White House. During this time Peter traveled to over 20 countries and 47 states.

In his spare time, Peter has developed a retail brand selling luxury neckwear made in Como, Italy, is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah, and is married with two children.